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jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

how i quilt


Happy quilts i made

Some of the quilts i have made grouped by style
I keep fabrics in this IKEA drawer chest (?)

  On Rules 

 Where and when and from who did i learn them on quilting? Well, first in spanish quilting magazines. Sometimes it seems they are made to create rules. 
Later, to my disgrace i bought the wrong books for begginers, those that insist on rules. 
Each quilt was a test for me. It was boring, it was slow, it was isane...but i liked so much to work with fabrics, with those beautiful fabrics!!. I bought more books and i had luck this time, i found Gwen Marston´s Liberated Quiltmaking.I love this woman. What a relief i felt. Yes, this is one of the life changing books for people that want to be in charge of their own creative process and it proves it is possible and very, very easy. Of course it takes time to feel confortable with it but from the beginning i enjoyed each moment of it: it was exciting, it was liberating, it was quicker, it was much more interesting, it was an adventure that i could fit to my own expectations, skill and resources!!. 
Gwen Marston with her liberating book

Of course the following  are not rules, this is my way of making quilts, the way that work for me because it doesn´t take away the joy from it.

  • Don´t buy coordinated fabrics. Just pick what i like of colections.
  • Used clothes when possible. 
  • Use whatever fabric i have at the moment.
  • First i group similar mood fabric or style then  i choose the  pattern.
  •  Scrap has to be used one way or another.
  • ¿How do i choose color? I look the fabrics i want or "need" to use then i test different colors, shades...
  • and, many times, change some of them in the desing wall. This is the real way for me to learn on colors.
  • I wash only solid fabrics or the doubious (?) one.
  • Cut fabrics sometimes only with scissors, cutter o both. 
  • Always pressed seams. Love this one. Seam, pressed, seam, pressed,.....
  • Don´t care seams wide just do it the best i can.
  • Never try to meet corner. 
  • If it is too long i cut, if too short i add.
  • Love to use desing wall. I need perspective. I learn a lot on colors looking from the distance. I don´t exactly make it at the machine as in the wall desing but it help me a lot to  get the idea of what i´m looking for.
  • I don´t try this to be the perfect quilt. It is enough to know that i´m doing it the best i can for know. Have no doubt i´m learning and the next, maybe it will be better.
  • I square block  sometimes.
  • The seams, well, i try to make them straight. Just enough for the quilt to lay more or less flat. Yes, i prefer the quilt to lay flat when possible, if no, time, next quilt?
  •  I hand quilt. My reason is that i find so confortable. I can take it with me to any room in the house. Also is an     opportunity to look closely the fabric prints.