Firsts Quilts


First quilts





Gwen Marston inspired stars

 Estudio de color . Molinillos

scrap quilt- cocha de retales

scrap quilt- colcha retales



Vuelo de Mariposas


Half square triangles - triángulos

i believe it is a responsability toward the beginner to show all my work, specially the "not so good". 
there are very few geniouses, the normal, the ordinary is work, not hard work because it is a hobby not a work for living.
 just daily chunks of time will do. the rest is joy.

creo que es una responsabilidad hacia los que comienzan mostrar todos mis trabajos, especialmente los no tan buenos.
 hay pocos genios, lo normal, lo corriente, es trabajo, no trabajo duro porque es una afición y no un trabajo para vivir. algo de tiempo cada día servirá. el resto es disfrutarlo

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  1. Thank you for inspiring me!

  2. I stumbled on your blog and was impressed and inspired by them. I have been piecing and piecing and desewing because the seams don't match or I lost a point in my triangles so I seldom finish one. thank you for the inspiration.Love those colors.


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